#SFPublicCanvas is a multimedia vertical dance collaboration produced by BANDALOOP, Madrone Studios, Illuminate, and The Village Impacts. With your participation, the project will be a “many to many” conversation based in art and technology, creating a local “canvas” for performance and storytelling while bringing to light the narratives of San Francisco residents.

#SFPublicCanvas is a public discourse about the changing face of San Francisco–a virtual and real world forum where YOU can communicate your dream for the future of the city through an artistic lens. If you are living or working in the Mid-Market/Tenderloin area, or simply concerned with its future, we want to hear your ideas.

Our team has been compiling artwork submitted by the public into a cohesive work of video projection art with original animation. During #SFPublicCanvas’ performance event, the projection will be displayed as an environment for BANDALOOP’s vertical dancers. Performances will take place June 16-19, 2016 on the exterior of the UC Hastings building on Golden Gate Ave.